• Timeline of ERC proposal preparation

Timeline of ERC proposal preparation

How can CU help you?

  • Support in the submission phase: assessment and review of the proposal in cooperation with the CU ERC Coordinator, external consultants and ERC grant holders. Participation in interactive workshops, interview training and individual consultations.

  • Some faculties have their own ERC pipeline (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) and it is good to contact the faculty's research support office first. In other cases, you can contact the university contact point directly.

    University contact point for ERC is Adéla Jiroudková.

    PIC Code of Univerzita Karlova is 999923434.


  • Due to the start of a new Framework Programme, the calendar for ERC calls for upcoming and future calls differ from previous years. We are aware that it is important for applicants to have an idea of the 2022 call dates. The Work Programme 2022 is not yet approved, thus the dates indicated for the 2022 calls are tentative and subject to change.

  • Deadline ERC-2022-StG - 13.1.2022

  • Deadline ERC-2022-CoG - 17.3.2022

  • Deadline ERC-2022-AdG - 28.4.2022

Note: Dates can change, always check the official website.

When and how do I need to start the preparation?

The preparation of an ERC grant takes at least a year. The preparation of ERC should be done properly, and it is not good to underestimate this time allocation.

Step 1: National Info day

It is worth to visit National Information Day, which takes place every autumn and is organized by the Technology Centre AS in cooperation with Charles University. It will help you to understand the ERC scheme, the way of evaluation and you can meet ERC and ERC CZ grantees, who will share their experience. This will give you a more general view of what ERC actually is. Programme of the Info day in 2020

Step 2: Completing the first part of the workshop

If you decide to submit an ERC grant after the National information day, please let us know as soon as possible (inform the university contact). We will tell you the nearest date of the workshop (example here) to which we will invite you. The condition for participation in the workshop is the existence of a quality draft project proposal, CV and track record in adequate quality and required ERC format.

Step 3: Second part of the workshop

After completing the first part of the workshop, a few months later there is another one where we work with almost finished project proposals and the last project details are tuned. In the meantime, you can consult the project on an ongoing basis.

Step 4: MOCK Interview training

Interview training is a special workshop prepared for those who get to the second round. At this workshop, you will present your project within the time limit. Workshop instructors will correct the mistakes your presentation might have and give you the advice how to make your presentation even better.

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