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Policy & Networks

As we strive to enhance research support at the CU, we can leverage the use of platforms in which the CU has a strong presence. These networks provide a diverse range of data and tools that can help us identify effective practices for supporting different types of projects.

National level


= Czech Association of Research Managers and Administrators, is a professional association of managers and administrators in science & research.


Together with Czexpats, we organize Young PI Forum meetings, providing opportunities for networking and sharing experiences with senior colleagues.


= the platform of central project departments of all state universities

Contact: , Odbor projektové podpory RUK

International level

4EU+ Alliance

As part of the 4EU+ Alliance, we actively participate in the Grant Support Service (GSS). Our role in the GSS involves assisting with the search for partners and providing support in project preparation for both Alliance and external schemes. Additionally, we are responsible for maintaining close communication between policy officers within the 4EU+ Alliance.


CELSA is an initiative that encourages scientific collaboration and facilitates the exchange of scientific knowledge. It was established in 2016 and provides funding for research projects that involve at least two partners, including KU Leuven. The ultimate goal is to prepare a joint collaborative project proposal to be submitted to Horizon Europe or any other similar European program.


Coimbra Group

The Coimbra Group is a well-established association of European universities, known for their multidisciplinary approach and global reputation. The organization is committed to fostering unique academic and cultural connections that promote internationalization, academic collaboration, research excellence, and service to society. The Coimbra Group not only aims to influence education and research policies at the European level but also to develop best practices through the exchange of experiences. The United Kingdom participates in several working groups within the organization. 



UNICA is an institutional network of universities located in the capitals of Europe. It was founded in 1990 and currently comprises of 53 universities from 40 European capitals, bringing together over 150,000 university staff and 1,500,000 students. UNICA aims to expand and strengthen international cooperation among academic communities by facilitating networking and knowledge sharing between its members across the European Higher Education and Research Area.

Contact: , International Relations Office


=European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities

With over 70 member organizations and more than 100,000 researchers, the Alliance is the largest science policy and advocacy organization for the social sciences and humanities in Europe.

EUF – Project Management Community 

Contact: , International Relations Office

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