Project support

At the beginning of every project, there is an idea and a desire to do something new or to push the boundaries of your research. But how to choose the right partner, institution, facilities, funding...?

How to proceed

1. Identify a suitable call → a crucial prerequisite for success

Identifying the right programme and specific call can be based on the nature, focus and size of the project and/or the partner institutions.

It's an individual project

  • HE Pillar I – ERC, MSCA

  • Norway Grants and EEA Grants - Research Fellowships

  • Visegrad Fund

  • Ministry of Education and Science - Mobility, Fullbright Commission

  • US Embassy, AWMF, PCF, NIH

  • Erasmus+ - traineeships, teaching stays

It's a project of up to approx. 10.000 EUR

  • Norwegian Funds/EEA

  • Visegrad Fund

  • Ministry of Education and Science - Mobility

  • Fullbright Commission

  • US Embassy

Non-EU partner institution

  • Visegrad Fund (Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries, V4+ Japan)

  • Ministry of Education and Science - government cooperation agreements

  • Norwegian funds/EEA

  • HE (generally without funding)

  • Grants provided by US institutions

2. If you are planning to create a larger collaborative international project, especially in Horizon Europe, then... will know the call dates for some programmes two years in advance. can usually take a year to produce a successful proposal, depending on the size of the project and the speed of communication with partner institutions. is not recommended to embark on the coordination of a large international collaborative project without prior experience of such a project as a partner.

A preparation project for your plan can be obtained through CELSA.

The CU European Centre provides comprehensive project consultancy services for Horizon Europe calls, serving as both coordinators and partners.

3. Get informed

It is a good idea to attend information days/workshops for specific programmes.

4. Become a Horizon Europe project evaluator

To prepare a project in HE, it is useful to have previous experience as a project evaluator. Simply register as an expert in the Participant Portal and wait to be contacted by the European Commission (the exception is ERC projects where evaluators are selected on the basis of proposals submitted by the ERC Scientific Council). If you are selected for evaluation, the EC will negotiate a contract with you through the Participant Portal. All communication, including the signing of the contract, is done electronically via the portal.

Funding and Tender opportunities

Project proposals are submitted through the F&T portal.  

Introduction to the F&T portal


More information and details can be found on our University Teams channel

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for advice, consultation, or complete project consulting. Contact the person responsible for the programme from our team.

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