• When applying for ERC…

When applying for ERC…

University contact point for ERC is .

For applicants for ERC there are regular workshops prepared in cooperation with ERC coordinator at CU prof. Zdeněk Strakoš and Technology Centre of Academy of Sciences. During these workshops we work with concrete project proposals and we also practice interviews (2nd round).

  • and we will be happy to bring the ERC closer to you, you can ask us your questions, give us an idea of proposal and we will help you with the whole application process.

  • Get familiar with the Rector's Directive No. 37/2020: Method for submitting ERC grant applications at Charles University. The submission of an ERC project is governed by this measure.

  • Remember that excellence is the only assessment criterion (excellence of you as a Principal Investigator, excellence of your project, high risk, high gain-project etc.)

  • Check your eligibility for each type of ERC grant carefully.

  • Do not apply for an ERC unless the proposal is perfect

  • Remember the strict re-submission rules:

    • Applicants who receive a B score in Round 1 cannot apply in the next call

    • Applicants who receive a C score in Round 1 cannot apply in the other two calls

  • Look at the panel members, this can help you to decide on the most appropriate panel for your project. However, NEVER contact evaluators!

  • If you get to the second round for an interview in Brussels, you need to prepare well in advance:

    • Travel in advance

    • Be prepared for an unpleasant atmosphere and difficult questions

    • Practice your presentation

    • Contact us to practice your interview

    • Make sure that you are fully informed about developments in your field since the proposal was submitted

  • You can also contact the Technology Centre AS NCP for ERC

  • It is usefull to know Rector's Directive No. 36/2020: Support for submitting ERC grant applications at Charles University

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