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Q: Can UK subjects participate in the first calls for proposals for Horizon Europe?

A: Yes. They have full rights to participate in calls for proposals for Horizon Europe as soon as they are published on the European Commission's website. In duly justified exceptional cases, restrictions may apply, which will be clearly stated in the calls for proposals.

Q: To which parts of Horizon Europe is the United Kingdom affiliated?

A: The United Kingdom is associated with the full Horizon Europe program, with the sole exception of the EIC (which is the EIC loan facility). UK entities are not eligible to participate in the EIC part of the EIC Accelerator. The United Kingdom will not participate in the European Defense Fund, which has a different legal basis and is not covered by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Q: What does the UK have to pay to participate in Horizon Europe?

A: The financial contribution of the United Kingdom consists of an operating contribution to cover operating and support expenditure; and a participation fee, which covers the administrative costs of organizing a system of participation in EU programs. If a significant imbalance arises between the United Kingdom's operational contribution and what it receives from the program, corrective mechanisms will be applied.

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