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"Have you ever thought about the incredible ability of organisms to adapt to the changing environment? It's fascinating to witness how different species can independently develop similar adaptations to overcome similar challenges. And that's what I'm exploring in my MSCA project: the process of repeated adaptation in nature."

Says Magdalena Bohutínská, who is currently spending two years in Bern, Switzerland, about her MSCA project.

Financed: Horizon Europe, Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions - Postodoctoral Fellowship

Fellow: Dr. Magdalena Bohutínská (PřF UK)

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ERA Chair Position for Excellent Research in Oncology

Bringing top-class researchers to the Biomedical Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, be it established experts or promising young scientists and Ph.D. students, is a major way of enhancing the Center’s excellence.

The EU-funded Chaperon action supports this effort through the recruitment of a world-class cancer researcher Prof. Kari Hemminki to the position of the ERA Chair holder. Taking charge of the newly established Laboratory of Translational Cancer Genomics, Prof. Hemminki helps the whole institution take the lead in research, but also moderates the transformation of human resource policies and managerial processes.

Financed: Horizon 2020, ERA Chairs

Coordinator: Biomedical Center (LFP UK)


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Migration and Modernity – Historical and Cultural Challenges

MOVES is a consortium project involving Charles University together with four other prestigious European universities - Universidade do Porto, Freie Universität Berlin, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 and the University of Kent - and partners from the NGO sector and creative industries.

The MOVES project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the social, historical and cultural roots of mass migration waves.

"An estimated billion people have emigrated from their homeland, including some 60 million migrants in Europe. The recent enormous scale of migrations has become a leading global challenge. However, today’s ‘migration crisis’ remains unsolved and is mainly seen through economic, national identity or security threats by nation-states."

Financed: Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions – European Joint Doctorate

Coordinator: Prof. Martin Procházka (FF UK)

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Global Excellence in Modeling Climate and Energy Policies

GEOCEP is a collaborative project between universities worldwide that aims to tackle one of the most urgent social and political challenges of our time - the environmental crisis caused by climate change. It offers an innovative economic modelling framework that serves as a guide for transitioning towards a carbon-free economy. The project addresses various transition challenges, such as social and technological innovations, the need for flexibility, and the development of new business and service models. It brings together renowned universities and think tanks worldwide, linking the frontiers of climate change and energy economics with cutting-edge insights from natural and social sciences, resulting in comprehensive modelling.

Financed: Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

Coordinator: Dr. Milan Ščasný (CŽP UK)

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