Initiatives on Widening

Main news

  • Continuation of key "widening" tools of Teaming, Twinning and ERA Chairs

  • Research costs under CSA actions are eligible under Teaming, Twinning and ERA Chairs

  • Greater emphasis on developing research management capacities

  • 80 % of calls must strongly emphasize the "widening" dimension

  • Permanent list of eligible Member States for the role of the coordinator (EU13 + PT + EL) + Associated countries

  • Implementation of the "Advancing Europe" package = a set of measures to support strengthening the participation of "low performing countries" including the Czech Republic

  • A more integrated approach and greater synergies with regional and national policy, RIS, etc.


  • R&I capacities should be reformed and made more attractive to talented researchers from abroad

  • increased participation in Horizon Europe and other programs as a coordinator

  • to create stronger links between academia and the business community; innovation

  • better involvement of regional actors in the research and innovation process

Source: European Commission
Source: European Commission

Excellence Hubs

Newly established innovation ecosystems based on a model of cooperation of research institutions, businness companies, regional authorities and various social entities.


  • to develop innovation in a regional context in "widening" countries

  • to strengthen the links between research and business

  • to develop cross-border strategies for the development of research and innovation

  • mobilize investment in the region

Actions for better Brain Circulation

In addition to the existing ERA Chairs have been established:

ERA Fellowships build on the Widening Fellowships pilot project under the MSCA Fellowships.

ERA Talents will provide training and career development grants, promote postdoctoral career diversity, and raise awareness of good practice in employment and creating good working conditions for these talents.


  • Institutional reforms of universities in "widening" countries

  • More efficient use of existing research infrastructure

  • Ability to attract the best researchers and thus reverse the "brain drain"

  • Improve permeability between sectors: academic and business (greater permeability when changing scientific careers)

*On the European Centre website, we present just some of the changes HE is bringing about that are particularly relevant to the CU. The comprehensive HE website is maintained by the Technology Centre (TC) Prague.

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