Jean Monnet Projects

The Jean Monnet Projects support innovation, mutual stimulation of development and dissemination of content related to the European Union.

Jean Monnet Projects are divided into three types:

  • "Innovative" projects explore new perspectives and different methods. They are aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the European Union themes and adapted to different target groups (eg projects under the "EU on School" initiative).

  • "Mutually encouraging" projects support the discussion and reflection of the European Union issues and deepen the knowledge of the Union and its processes. The purpose of these projects is to stimulate knowledge of the the European Union in specific contexts.

  • "Enlarging content" projects include activities to collect and disseminate information.

Projects are supported by various activities, such as developing and testing new methodologies, content and tools on specific EU themes; developing academic content and tools specifically designed for faculty/school students, who are not usually involved in EU affairs; creating virtual classes for specific thematic areas; proposals, creation and implementation of self-education tools that promote active citizenship in the EU and others.

In this case, requests may be submitted by 1 institution, others may join later.

All activities are planned for 12 to 24 months.

Financial support is €60 000 (75% of the total costs).

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