Jean Monnet Chairs

Only one professor holds the Jean Monnet Chair. He provides at least 90 teaching hours per academic year. The Jean Monnet Chair supports younger generations of teachers and researchers dealing with EU themes. The aim of the course is to deepen knowledge in EU studies. Can conduct or track research on EU-related topics, provide advice and expert guidance to others.

The duration of the project is up to 3 years.

The maximum financial support is €50 000 (75% of the total costs).

Funding is based on a combination of unit cost scales and flat-rate financing. Funding is intended for the cost of teaching and additional costs.

Dissemination of results:

  • At least 1 reviewed article

  • Participation in dissemination and information events at national and European level

  • Spreading the results of your activities by organizing seminars or lectures

  • Networking with other Jean Monnet chairs, module coordinators, centers of excellence and supported institution

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