International cooperation in Research and Development

International cooperation in Research and Development


  • The program is aimed at supporting the initiation and further development of international cooperation in research and development. It also focuses on the integration of the Czech Republic into European and world research structures. Thanks to this program, Czech workplaces participate in European cooperation projects and bilateral cooperation with countries outside the European Union. It creates Czech research teams the conditions for making international results, knowledge and skills.

  • The INTER-EXCELENCE program consists of:







  • The program INTER-EXCELLENCE replaces some separate international Research and Development cooperation programs (i.e. COST CZ, EUPRO II, EUREKA CZ, INGO II, KONTAKT II and GESHER / MOST), which expire in 2016-2017. The newly approved INTER-EXCELLENCE program is continuously linked to these programs and will run from 2016 to 2024 to ensure the continuity of financial support.

  • Click here (only in Czech) for the full text of INTER-EXCELLENCE program.


The MOBILITY activity implements bilateral international science and technology cooperation agreements between the Czech Republic and the partner states. The goal of MOBILITY is to help establish contacts and develop cooperation between research and development institutions in partner countries (by supporting the mobility of researchers collaborating on international research projects). Supported cooperation with: Argentina, France, Germany, Danubeland cooperation, Poland, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Other activities:

Czech-Bavarian cooperation

Czech-Chinese cooperation

Czech-Israeli cooperation


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