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21. ledna 2020

4EU+ Minigrants 2020: FAQ

Where do I find the 4EU+ Mission Statement mentioned in the Rector's Measure?

The 4EU+ Mission Statement is available on the website of the Alliance.

What institutions can be involved?

Besides the principal investigator at Charles University, the team has to involve members from at least two other 4EU+ universities: Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan and University of Warsaw. Please make sure that the collaborators involved in the project are affiliated with department/entity recognized to be part of the partner institution.

In the specific case of projects involving collaborators from the Medical University of Warsaw which is not a 4EU+ member university, but in the federalization process with the University of Warsaw, a 4EU+ member), please note that the consultation with the University of Warsaw may be requested. In the case of such projects, concomitant involvement of project partners from both institutions (Medical University of Warsaw and University of Warsaw) is encouraged.

What are the 4EU+ Flagships?

The Alliance has set up four flagships reflecting the most urgent contemporary global challenges. Cooperation in research and education is primarily focused on issues encompassed by these flagships on which 4EU+ aims to have a worldwide impact and serve as an example of good practice.

The four flagships are:

  • Flagship 1: Health and demographic change in an urban environment

  • Flagship 2: Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages

  • Flagship 3: Transforming science and society by advancing information, computation, and communication

  • Flagship 4: Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

You can find out more about the Flagships on the 4EU+ website: http://4eualliance.eu/4EU-35.html.

What form should the written expression of interest in cooperation have? 

We recommend that the interest of foreign partners to collaborate be demonstrated through a “Letter of intent”. It should be signed by the project team leaders at participating partner institutions as well as by the head of their departments. There is no template for this letter. 

Colleagues at the partner universities should inform their university/faculty about their involvement in the project according to the standard procedure at their institution.1

May a part of the grant be used by the colleagues at foreign institutions?

The grant will be administered at Charles University without the possibility of being transferred to the partner institutions. However, it is possible to cover standard eligible costs (travel and accommodation cost) related to the involvement of foreign colleagues from the grant.2

Will there be similar funding opportunities (seed money) at partner institutions?

The CU minigrants represent specific form of support. Other 4EU+ institutions support collaborating teams based on requests on individual basis (meeting participation costs etc.). Below we will be updating you on other relevant opportunities and calls:

University of Warsaw: Subsidy for participation in 4EU+ Alliance meetings & joint events 

Is accommodation cost included in the travel allowance (“cestovné”)?

Yes, accommodation cost can be covered from the travel allowance.

How do I justify the staff cost?

In the proposal, please specify who will be paid from the minigrant and for which activities. We recommend that staff cost should not exceed 10-15 % of the total requested budget.

May an external partner (from universities outside of the 4EU+ Alliance) take part?

For three 4EU+ institution, there can be one external partner (e.g. one external partner in projects of three to five 4EU+ member, two external partners in projects comprising all 4EU+ members). External partners should cover travel costs related to their participation in the project.

Are indirect costs eligible?

Inderect costs are not eligible for funding from the minigrants.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for application submission: 1 March 2020

  • Results are expected to be announced during April 2020.

  • The mini-grant funds must be spent by 18 December 2020



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