Large research infrastructures

Large research infrastructures

In 2009, a specific legislative instrument for the support of the Czech Republic's research infrastructures was created.

The Ministry of Education became the central authority of the state administration of the Czech Republic. He is responsible for financing "large infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation" from the public funds of the Czech Republic. In 2016 a technical amendment to the Czech legislation was introduced (introducing the term "Large research infrastructure").

"Research Infrastructure, which is a research facility necessary for comprehensive Research and Development activity with high financial and technological demands, approved by the government and set up for use by other research organizations."

Proposals for financing individual large research infrastructures are submitted for approval by the Government of the Czech Republic.

The Large research infrastructures provide open access to unique facilities, expertise and related services. The Large research infrastructure also has the character of strategic and long-term investment.

For more information click here or visit the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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